The Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon.

New Moon – A New Beginning

New Moon is the end point of waning moon and at the same time the beginning of a new cycle. As the closure of the preceding waning moon phase, New Moon is the culmination of the body’s abilities to detoxify and its powers of self-healing. However, even though the healing powers are at a peak, any kind of surgery is to be avoided if possible.

On New Moon the body detoxifies most efficiently, but ingestion of food likely slows down. A day of fasting on a New Moon day promotes health and can prevent illnesses.

This is also the best day to drop bad habits, change directions if necessary, confirm your resolutions, and finalize new decisions. Body and mind are more likely to stay calm and balanced in the face of changes, withdrawal, or loss.

The care of sickly plants is most effective during New Moon. Wea­ther changes and short-term climate changes are to be anticipated.

Waxing Moon – The Inhale

For the duration of about two weeks while the moon is waxing, nature transitions through the first half of the moon cycle. Following the active phase during the waning moon, now it’s time to rest, recover, and regroup. This section of the lunar cycle can be described as the inhale of nature, a time to rest in order to collect and regain strength.

Since the body readily absorbs during this time, you are more likely to gain weight even with regular amount of food intake. Therefore avoid indulging in rich foods. If you are overweight, eat smaller portions.

Everything that is supplied to build up and strengthen the body is most effective. Stimulants and vitamins have a stronger effect. The closer it is to Full Moon, the stronger the waxing moon phase’s impact will be.

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and restructure. Go easy and take time to relax with the goal of gathering strength for the active phase of the waning moon. Most likely you feel less energetic as during the waning moon phase. Slow down, take it easy, and trust in nature’s rhythm. If you get plenty of rest during the waxing moon phase, nature will provide you with renewed energies for the waning moon phase.

Any deficiencies of minerals and/or vitamins in the body are best taken care of during the waxing moon. Include all important supplements, tonics, and herbs in your diet. Focus on foods that contain essential minerals and vitamins your body is lacking.

Drugs have a much stronger effect. All measures taken to supply nutrient materials and strengthen the sensitive body parts are very effective. Be aware that the body also more readily absorbs poisonous substances. The body retains water more easily, and diuretic measures don’t work as effectively. Any healing ointments are easily absorbed.

The closer it is to Full Moon, the better it is to stay away from any surgery if possible, because healing and recovery will take longer and scarring will be more severe.

Execute all flexible measures to relax, restore, strengthen, and build up more effectively during the waxing moon phase.

Full Moon – The Break

At Full Moon, nature’s inhale during the waxing moon comes to a standstill, culminating in a break and the turning point of the cycle. This means “the calm before the storm,” the calm before the phase of activity of the waning moon phase.

A day of fasting on a Full Moon day promotes health and can prevent illnesses. Be cautious and aware since the body utilizes nutrition most effectively during this time, it acts the same on any artificial flavors, additives, stimulants, drugs as well as poisonous substances.

Wounds might bleed more profusely than other times. Recovery after surgery is impeded. Vaccinations are unfavorable in the three days before and on Full Moon. The body is more likely to retain water. Healing herbs collected on Full Moon have greater curative power. Like on New Moon days, weather changes and short-term climate changes are to be anticipated.

Waning Moon – The Exhale  

For the duration of about two weeks, while the moon is waning, nature transitions through the second half of the moon cycle. After the phase of rest during waxing moon, now it’s time to be active, detoxify, and remove. This cycle section can be described as the exhale of nature.

The body is ready to detoxify and cleanse, and weight gain associated with overeating is less likely. Anybody underweight should consider eating larger portions.

All measures taken to flush out and detoxify the sensitive body parts are very effective. The closer to New Moon the stronger the impact of the forces and effects of the waning moon phase. During the waning moon any cleansing and detox diets will yield the best results. Herbal teas, steam room, sauna… anything to detoxify and cleanse are best utilized between Full Moon and New Moon.

The body tends to heal faster during the waning moon and the success rates of surgeries are much higher. If you have the choice, schedule operations accordingly. Scarring is less severe, wounds most likely will bleed less during the waning moon, and surgical operations in general are less taxing on the body. To yield the best results, schedule dental treatments at this time, such as removal of tartar and amalgam as well as fillings, crowns, and dentures.

But the positive effect of cleansing extends beyond our bodies into the environment as well. Dirt and pollution are best dealt with during the waning moon. House cleaning, car washing, laundry… dirt and spots are removed more easily, and cleaning agents are more efficient.

The waning moon phase asks us to be active and apply all our energies at activities around the house, at work and at school, in the garden, at sports or other leisure activities. You reach your goals more easily and yield better results compared to the waxing moon phase.

Execute all flexible measures to detoxify and cleanse effectively during the waning moon.

The Transition

The moon’s exact transition time from one zodiac sign into the next is listed in the ephemeris. Only a few lunar calendars list the exact time of transition. Some lunar calendars list the daily zodiac sign not according to the exact time of transition but according to the zodiac sign the moon is in at midnight.

With the exact time listed you know exactly what quality is dominant throughout any given day. If the transition occurs after noon, the dominant quality of the day is given by the previous zodiac sign. Any transition before noon suggests the qualities of the new zodiac sign ruling the day.

Rather than precisely to the minute, the transition is a gradual change and overlapping of the forces. For critical decisions you may consider the time of transition.

Some people sense the transition into the next zodiac sign. Most noticeable is the transition from Pisces into Aries which at times can be felt as pressure on or in the head.

Half Moon

Half Moon marks the midpoint between Full Moon and New Moon during waxing as well as waning moon phases. After approximately seven days of each waxing moon and waning moon, the Half Moon is reached.