Lunar influence in our lives

The Effects of the Lunar Cycle on Daily Activities in Multiple Areas of Life

The effects of the phases of the moon, New Moon, waxing moon, Full Moon, and waning moon and the influence of the zodiac signs on the lunar cycle affect the areas of success, leisure, health, body care, garden/nature, housework, and nutrition.


Considering the effect of the lunar cycle enables you to plan ahead to best utilize all opportunities, possibilities, and activities. You may have experienced a great many times that on some days work goes easier and more efficiently than on other days.

Any financial matters are best dealt with on days when the moon travels in Taurus. Our perception is heightened and realistic, and financial security is of importance. Conservative tendencies make people want to stay away from risks.

Meetings that require negotiating, networking, and brainstorming are best scheduled on days when the influence of the moon traveling in Gemini supports communication, rather than on days when the Pisces influence makes retreat and fantasy more desirable than anything else.

Knowing the subtle influence of the lunar cycle, any goal-oriented activity can be scheduled optimally to avoid any negative influences and achieve the most successful results while saving time, effort, and money.


What is the best day for a successful party event? During the days moon travels in Leo, people are most outgoing, favoring parties and other social events. It is advisable to avoid planning any activities outside the home when moon transits through Pisces, because at this time retreat and relaxation at home feels best.

Have more fun! Plan parties and activities when you and others enjoy them the most. Know in advance what will work best for family and social time, hobbies, exercises, and other leisure activities in life.


The influence of the lunar cycle on each body part is explained in great detail in the second chapter. Support the sensitive body parts on the respective days, avoid any strain on them, and if possible avoid any surgery.

As the closing point of the preceding waning moon phase, New Moon is the culmination of the body’s detoxification abilities and self-healing powers. Although healing powers are at their peak, any surgery should still be avoided if possible.

During the waxing moon everything that is supplied to the body to strengthen and build it up is more effective. Stimulants and vitamins are more potent. The closer it is to Full Moon, the stronger the impact of the forces will be. Counteract mineral and/or vitamin deficiencies in the body during the waxing moon. Supply your diet with supplements and herbs. Focus on foods that contain plenty of the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Drugs also have a much stronger effect during the waxing moon. All measures taken to supply nutrient materials and strengthen the sensitive body parts are very effective. Healing ointments are absorbed well. Pay attention since the body also absorbs poisonous substances more easily. The body tends to retain water during this time, and diuretic measures don’t work as well.

The closer it is to Full Moon, the more important it is to stay away from surgery if possible. Healing and recovery will take longer, and scarring will be more severe.

A day of fasting on a Full Moon day promotes health and can prevent illnesses. Be cautious and aware that since the body utilizes nutrition most effectively during this time, it acts the same on any artificial flavors, additives, stimulants, drugs as well as poisonous substances.

Wounds might bleed more profusely than at other times. Recovery after surgery is impeded. Vaccinations are unfavorable in the three days before and on Full Moon. Tissues are more likely to accumulate water.

When the moon is on the wane the body is ready to detoxify and cleanse. All measures taken to flush out and detoxify the sensitive body parts are very effective. The closer it is to New Moon, the stronger the waxing moon’s impact will be. During the waning moon, any cleansing and detox diets will yield best results. Herbal teas, steam room, sauna… anything to detoxify and cleanse are best utilized between Full Moon and New Moon.

The body tends to heal faster during the waning moon and the success rates of surgeries are much higher. If you have the choice, schedule operations accordingly. Scarring is less severe, wounds are likely to bleed less during the waning moon, and surgical operations in general are less taxing on the body. To yield the best results, schedule dental treatments at this time, such as removal of tartar and amalgam as well as fillings, crowns, and dentures.

Body Care

You may have wondered why on some days your hair just doesn’t retain its form, or why the same body treatments seem to yield different results on different days?

The lunar cycle has an effect on body, nail, and hair care. Massages are more effective during certain periods of the lunar cycle. Washing hair during the time the moon travels in Pisces may result in dandruff. Knowing all the details enables you to pick the best dates for your visit to the hair dresser. You will also save on hair restorers.

There is an old farmer’s rule of cutting and filing fingernails and toenails any Friday after sunset. The result of that rule is healthy and strong nails.

Scents are assigned to each zodiac sign. Improve your well-being by surrounding yourself with these soothing scents.


The lunar cycle has an effect on each part of a plant: roots, leaves, fruits or blossoms. Pick the right timing for great results. For example, when planting leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach or cabbage, choose a leaf day for best results. For any root vegetables such as carrots, beets, radishes, choose a root day. You will find the categorization of the most common vegetables below in figure 3.a.

If you consider the lunar effect on plants, your plants will grow better, your harvest will be plentiful, and pests will be reduced or completely avoided. Weeding, fertilizing, and watering will be less frequent but more effective.

There are many opportunities to coordinate your agenda for the kind of work you want to do. Consider as well that on New Moon and Full Moon weather changes are more likely.

If you want to collect healing herbs when they have maximum healing power, pick the days of the full moon or the days on which the lunar cycle highlights the body parts that the healing herbs will benefit. For example, to pick herbs that help with bladder and kidney infections collect the herbs on a day when the moon travels in Libra and the bladder and kidneys are most sensitive. 

Some days are the most unfavorable for any gardening activities. These days occur about twice a month, the day after the moon crosses the earth’s equator.


Doing housework in tune with nature and the lunar cycle will get you the best results for your efforts. It’s like magic!

Housework is dealt with much more successfully, efficiently, and effortlessly during the waning moon. For example, problem stains are removed readily. Reduce your use of cleaners and save money. You will also be supporting the environment, since waste water is broken down much better. Get the best results with baking, cooking, and preserving foods.

Improve and refine your methods. Use the most favorable time for your work and visible results will be proof of your success, saving you time for the things you enjoy most.


Discover simple ways to improve your diet. Know which fruits and vegetables benefit your body the most. Eat anything you like, but optimize the timing!

The food components of protein, salt, fat, and carbohydrate are linked to the elements of the zodiac signs on any given day. Healthy bodies absorb and digest the assigned food component the best, while sensitive or sick bodies may not fare well with the same food component. Observe how your body digests the assigned food components on any given day and factor this in for your choice of foods.

According to each element, all plant parts are linked to zodiac signs. When the moon travels in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, all plants that are fruits are highlighted, and correspondingly our bodies digest fruits the best. The same logic applies when the moon travels in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and roots are highlighted – our bodies digest root vegetables the best. When the moon travels in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, we digest all plant that are flowers the best, like artichokes, cauliflower, and broccoli. On days the moon transits through Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces we benefit from eating leafy vegetables.

The waning and waxing moon phases influence both weight gain and weight loss. During the waxing moon, the body readily absorbs and you are more likely to gain weight even with regular amounts of food intake. Therefore it is advisable to avoid indulging in rich foods. If you are overweight, eat smaller portions. During the waning moon, the body is ready to detoxify and cleanse, and weight gain associated with overeating is less likely. Anybody underweight should consider eating larger portions.

During the waxing moon, everything that is supplied to the body to build up and strengthen is much more effective. Stimulants and vitamins have a stronger effect. The closer it is to Full Moon, the stronger the waning moon phase’s impact will be. In contrast, during waning moon all measures taken to flush out and detoxify the sensitive body parts are very effective. The closer to New Moon the stronger the impact of the forces. During waning moon any cleansing and detox diets will yield the best results. Herbal teas, steam room, sauna… anything to detoxify and cleanse are best utilized between Full Moon and New Moon.