Nature’s Almanac 2024

Nature’s Daily Guide to Success.

Discover hundreds of practical rules for living a better, healthier and more successful life. Plan ahead to improve your opportunities, possibilities and activities daily. Know more, be better prepared from the influences of the lunar cycle. 

The most comprehensive guide for using the cycles of the moon to help make everyday decisions. You will love this calendar for all it’s detailed information and easy use! Filled with interesting facts and useful ideas. 

In a quick overview you find everything important to know about the moon’s influence on any given day. No more searching for meanings of symbols, it’s all there. You don’t need to study any books, Nature’s Almanac is easy-to-use with effective advices in all topics of life.

Nature’s Daily Guide to Success

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Mind – Body – Health – Nutrition – Business – Leisure – Home – Garden – Moon – Earth

The introduction at the beginning of Nature’s Almanac will make it easy and effective to apply even for beginner’s on the subject.

Be successful when you know…

  • the best days for harvesting, when fruits and vegetables are most juicy.
  • what days are most auspicious for financial matters.
  • the days it’s most important to avoid straining on sensitive body parts.
  • the days you benefit the most from facial and body care.
  • when overeating will not make you gain weight as quickly.
  • the days when housework is dealt with much more successfully and effortlessly, when to get the best results from baking and preserving food.
  • when to plan a successful party… and much more!

This knowledge has been used for centuries in all aspects of life by generations of farmer’s and people living close to nature. The moon governs the waters of the oceans on earth, it rules the tides. All of nature is affected by the lunar cycle. Since our human body consists to 80 percent of water, the moon influences us as well.

On each page of the calendar book you see the position of the moon in the various zodiac signs. Within 12 months the sun moves through all zodiac signs. The moon passes through the same signs within 28 days. This is called the lunar cycle.


The moon takes 2 to 3 days to pass through a single zodiac sign. Correspondingly this calendar is divided in 1-3 days per page, considering the sign the moon is in, as well as the periods of waxing and waning moon.

Nature’s Daily Guide to Success.

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Each zodiac sign represents certain characteristics which are activated while the moon passes through the sign. The characteristics and the resulting influence are described in the columns. 

How to use the calendar:
Pick the day of your interest, and just read through the columns to learn about what is favorable or unfavorable to do.

Nature’s Daily Guide to Success.

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