Nature’s Guide to Success

How to use a lunar calendar and almanac?

A lunar calendar and almanac serves you as a particularly useful tool for your daily activities. Applying the suggested best timing, your activities will be completed efficiently and successfully, helping you avoid hit-or-miss results and achieve sustained success. If you apply the rules for favorable and unfavorable activities, you can avoid damage, failure, stress, sickness, and discouragement.

For example, on certain days problem stains are removed more easily, and windows are cleaned without leaving streaks. Schedule your hair care for the most favorable days and your hair retains its form and beauty longer, hair dyes will look more vibrant, and frizzy hair can be avoided. If you incorporate the lunar cycle, you will improve and get the most benefit from body care and health treatments.

Considering the effect the moon has on certain body parts, you can maximize the results from medicines, supplements, and detox measures. Optimize your efforts while exercising certain body parts.

Plan your business meetings on days when people are most open for negotiating, networking, and exchanging ideas. Learn about the days when it’s advisable to focus on financial matters or routine work.

Planning your meals based on the advice of the lunar calendar, you can optimize for the best health and well-being. Get the best growth from your plants, optimize your harvest, and take advantage of sustainable gardening methods when you garden according to the moon’s rhythm.

These are only a few of the many ways you can apply the influence of the lunar cycle to improve your life. Even skeptics become convinced by the actual results. More and more people are incorporating nature’s rhythms into their daily lives.

The Nature’s Almanac identifies the moon’s phases and the exact times the moon travels through the sections of the lunar cycle. You don’t have to memorize symbols and their meanings; this lunar calendar lists daily everything that is most beneficial for yielding the best outcomes as well as anything that’s unfavorable to do and would result in adverse outcomes.

For ease of use of the lunar calendar, everything is organized into the columns of success, leisure time, health, body care, garden/nature, housework, and nutrition. You will quickly gain a general overview of each day. To plan ahead just consider the advice in the columns and mark what’s important to you.

Nature’s Daily Guide to Success.

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